Alykon – Ανακύκλωση Απόσυρση

Alykon – Ανακύκλωση Απόσυρση
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The world of recycling!

Our Services

Car Recycling

Alykon recycling with experience, certified procedures and absolute respect to the environment proceeds to the deletion (withdrawal) of your old car-vehicle quickly and with simple procedures.

Dismantling Factories

Alykon recycling with the latest technology, trained personnel and the high know-how offers dismantling services of industrial and professional spaces.

Metal Scrap

In Alykon recycling we receive from individuals and companies of all kinds of metals (scrap). earn more by recycling in Alykon

Battery Recycling

With our knowledge, experience and the necessary technical equipment we recycle your old batteries and all kinds of batteries

Alykon Recycling is a new company in the field of recycling of iron, metals, Automotive vehicles as well as the only company in Greece in the field of substantial recycling of car catalysts.

The Alykon recycling has been staffeded by persons with long experience in the field that with the continuous training and monitoring of technological developments of space, strives to create the ideal environment to make the term recycling in Greece more Consumer Friendly.

In Alykon recycling Our priority is the environment and above all the personal service of our Customers.

In Alykon the environment and the efficient management of production processes to reduce the negative impacts on this are a key Priority.

In Alykon we are committed to the absolute observance of environmental regulations, the continuous training and information on environmental protection issues and the immediate adoption of new technologies, practices and rules that reduce environmental Impact of our Company's Activities.

Alykon, having understood the necessity of corporate social action to promote and support actions that promote the improvement of social and environmental living conditions, is committed to the practical support of these and Initiatives and actions in this Direction.

Alykon recycling with experience, certified procedures and absolute respect to the environment undertakes the final deletion – recycling of your old car-vehicle quickly, with simple procedures, according the necessary legalization Disaster Documents-full Deletion.

Check the list below for the necessary withdrawal documents depending on the type of vehicle and the legal form of the Holder.

Feel free to contact us for any aditional information.


Alykon Recycling with experienced, trained personnel and cutting-edge machinery offers services for the dismantling of industrial and professional spaces, guaranteeing the completion of the "project" and the quality of dismantling operations and Collection..
Scrapping ships is a recycling process through dismantling and recycling of individual metal parts. Most ships have a lifespan of a few decades according to the regulation of the Register and the category of the Ship. The dismantling of ships allows the recycling of their metal parts and in particular of the parts made of steel.

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