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Meet Alykon Recycling

H Alykon Recycling  It is a recycling and marketing company and service provider that covers the whole chain of metal scrap recycling and Management. Staffed with persons with more than 30 years experience in the field and with activities spanning the whole spectrum of recycling we are able to offer services and prices that maximize the value for our Partners.

Alykon Recycling is housed in plants 12,000 sq. m in paiania, Attica and operates by applying fully the European environmental and safety regulations, with respect to the environment and above all to Humans.

Alykon Recycling as a certified member of the official alternative vehicle management system of greece, applies the procedures according to ISO standards 9001 and 14001 and offers quality Services.

The range of our activities, the scope of our network, the knowledge of the local market and our fully integrated data management systems provide a deep understanding of the complex interdependencies of the markets in which we participate.

Alykon Recycling in Numbers

Specialized Personel
thousand sq.m installments
Phone Lines


WIN by recycling


100% of steel in Greece and 40% of the world's metals are recycled, resulting in both natural resources and energy savings.

In view of the above, AGR invests in optimizing the processes of collecting and machining and selling old iron and other metals, making this service a key part of our core business, aiming at continued export-oriented growth.




Check out the benefits of recycling the quantities of "scrap" metals:

  • Energy and water are saved
  • Maintains the reserves of the planet's minerals
  • Air pollution is reduced