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 We buy old irons and metals, cables, electrical appliances, catalysts and car batteries.




We analyze the chemical composition of scrap metal with state-of-the-art X-ray portable analyzers.


We provide bins in craft businesses and construction sites for the temporary storage of scrap Metal.

Dismantling Ships

The dismantling and recycling of public transport (ships, aircraft, trains, etc.) are a crucial environmental issue for the European and international Community.

In the context of this necessity, scrapping-recycling rules have been established and companies carrying out these operations will have to meet the conditions for obtaining the authorisation by ensuring the smallest possible burden on environment, the safety and health of workers in these Processes.

Alykon recycling meets the necessary criteria and has the Aparaites licenses to provide services of dissolution of the above instruments providing all necessary legalization documents.

We own and support waste treatment machinery and Technologies. We represent 15 construction companies from the European and American Market. Our aim is to offer equipment and advice for the efficient management of waste from production and waste treatment Plants.
The trade in metal scrap is the driving force of our Company. We provide sale, transport, finance and risk management services to sellers and buyers of scrap metal. We have systems, people and flexibility to aristopoioyme economic relations between suppliers and customers of scrap metal.

Alykon Recycling with experienced, trained personnel and cutting-edge machinery offers services for the dismantling of industrial and professional spaces, guaranteeing the completion of the "project" and the quality of dismantling operations and Collection.